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Megan Rose

Megan Rose is a healer, spiritual awakener and author of the book Welcome to the Future. Originally from Northern Virginia, after graduating from college, Megan pursued a career in nursing. Although nursing was very rewarding, her passion for helping others continued to grow and define itself. Soon, she was giving spiritual guidance full time. Megan is deeply committed to working with, and healing, the inner child. In her book, Welcome to the Future, Megan details her childhood abductions by malevolent extra terrestrials. The book is dedicated to the children of planet Earth. Megan believes that having a divine connection is everyone’s birthright. Through this divine connection, humans can create a loving planet and a bright future. It is her intention, with her teachings, to assist others in returning to their true nature, the nature of the soul.

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Welcome to the Future Volume II:
The Heart of the Galaxy 

In the sequel to Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era, two hearts meet again, sharing their journey back to themselves and to each other…

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