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Join our weekly live Q&A sessions to facilitate a shift in consciousness from the head to the heart. Many questions arise on the path of awakening, and these sessions can assist in welcoming new and broader perspectives sought by higher levels. Topics of these Q&A sessions are chosen by members.

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For those new to spirituality (or not!), guided meditations can help raise your frequency and activate the spiritual mind.

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Members have the opportunity to submit questions for Megan’s monthly Q&A’s with her friend Val Nek of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, from her book Welcome to the Future.

Please note that we make every effort to ask as many questions as we can in the time available. We reserve the right to edit questions.

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Access to Megan’s schedule for private sessions is available to members only. These sessions are not psychic readings, but rather intuitive guidance with your higher levels to assist you in shifting your perspective from the head to the heart. The root of ongoing thought patterns, cycles, and experiences will be addressed so that you can move forward, release the past and welcome in the energy of you — the energy of love. Often times we struggle with the death of a loved one or memories that stay in our consciousness. These sessions will assist you in seeing life from your true perspective, the perspective of love.