Neuralink and Alien Implants

Date Published: March 28, 2023

My take on alien implants, Federation implants, Grey implants, Agency implants, Dark Fleet implants and Neuralink!!

The Best Is Yet To Come: Galactic Federation of Worlds March Q&A with Val Nek

Date Published: March 23, 2023

The Best Is Yet To Come: Galactic Federation of Worlds March Q&A with Val Nek. High Commander Val Nek of Galactic Federation of Worlds answers questions with Megan. Topics include: Banking Collapse, Space Force, Federation Weapons, UFO Reports, The Firmament, Starseed Program and Sun Portals.

The Divine Feminine and Inverted Polarities

Date Published: March 9, 2023

The healed divine feminine is the healing force of the universe, nurturer of children, and creation of life. The distortion of this energy stunts our evolution and harms the children, who cannot grow and evolve without the feminine.

The Greys, Hive Consciousness and Inverted Polarities

Date Published: March 6, 2023

The human race has been programmed to think as a collective, instead of on an individual level. Projects like operation mockingbird model group think practices adopted by the Orion Greys. It is our divine right to be spiritually sovereign and think on an individual level, evolve as a soul individually.

Ego Projections and Compassion for Others

Date Published: February 12, 2023

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” is possible when you love yourself first and heal your deepest wounds. The world is our mirror and is always giving us an opportunity to heal and grow by triggering the wounds in our subconscious. Those on the spiritual path will use this information to heal their inner wounds, their compassion for themselves grows, and their compassion for others in pain grows as well.

Non-Player Characters and the Power of the Soul

Date Published: February 9, 2023

Non-player characters are often described as “background people” or people who do not have souls or a higher consciousness. They are driven by the ego mind to gain resources and safety. They understand who they are through the ego, “the story they tell themselves”…..they are a character. The power of the soul is the opposite, it is everything, the alpha and the omega, one with all that is. It has no limits, no name and no bounds. “I am nobody”.

Santa or Satan?

Date Published: December 27, 2022

Indoctrination and spiritual enslavement starts at a young age. Tricking us into to worshiping ant-Christ energy, fictitious characters that live in our subconscious, teaching us to believe that we are not good enough, we need a master, we need approval. Save the Children.

Merry Matrix Christmas!!

Date Published: December 24, 2022

Merry Matrix Christmas! May we all, love and accept ourselves and each other for the individual that we are. We are not are beliefs, career, relationships, what other people think, we are individuals, we are source, we are a VIBE!

The Masculine and Feminine, God the Father, and Daddy Issues

Date Published: December 18, 2022

In the Native American spiritual practices, they believe in Father Sky and Mother Earth, both necessary for creation. The energetic polarities of the divine feminine and divine masculine, when combined, create life.

The Law of Karma: Not Glamorous, Not Glittery, but the Key to Evolution

Date Published: August 20, 2022

Karma is not glamorous or pretty. If we don’t evolve in this lifetime, we will have to learn our lessons in the next lifetime, so on and so forth…

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