Victim Consciousness: Alter Egos and Millennials Blaming Their Parents

Date Published: August 19, 2023

Millennials blaming their parents is a popular theme among the generation, but is another version of victim consciousness. The victim, savior, villain complex is deeply ingrained in the human race through Hollywood and each other.

The Religion of UFO’S and Being Human is Awesome

Date Published: August 11, 2023

The Great Awakening: Labels and the Truth About the Truth

Date Published: July 15, 2023

The Great Awakening: Labels and the Truth About the Truth.

Aliens Don’t Exist: Contactees and Extra Terrestrial Phenomena

Date Published: July 13, 2023

The concept of aliens is an idea unique to planet earth. Because of our narrowed perspective, we perceive other beings as aliens to us and that contact with them has a specified meaning. On different planets, meeting someone from another planet does not mean you met an alien.

Everybody Is Evil and So Are The People Who Created It

Date Published: July 6, 2023

Evil is so powerful and we should all be very afraid.

Happy Fourth of July: Freedom of the Mind and Freedom of Thought

Date Published: July 4, 2023

Happy Fourth of July: Freedom of the Mind and Freedom of Thought.

The Truther Community or The Opinion Community

Date Published: June 17, 2023

Things I Learned In Nursing: Objective Critical Thinking

Date Published: May 12, 2023

Can we learn to objectively analyze information?

Women Aren’t Stupid, We Just Don’t Care

Date Published: May 8, 2023

The healed divine masculine understands that a woman’s gift is the most valuable gift in the universe: the art of knowing. Knowing and understanding concepts that can’t be researched, memorized, rehearsed or learned. Just BEING. The wounded masculine see’s a woman’s expression as incompetent, lacking, and “dumb”. He has yet to realize his own purpose and contribution to the world.

Universal Law of Free Will

Date Published: April 7, 2023

The best universal law there is! Through understanding the law of free will, we learn that we have a choice in every situation, which empowers us to heal the planet and transcend our trauma and pain. There are no real victims in the universe, everything is a choice. Choosing freedom over victimhood is how we free ourselves from slavery.

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